Recipe: Ovyachya Panachi Bhaji (Ajwain ke patte ke pakode)

Ajwain (carom) seeds are very commonly used in Indian cooking and they are used in traditional medicine to relieve indigestion. The leaves of this plant too have a very nice and intense aroma and many people use the leaves to help relieve a sore throat.

My mother had the plant growing in her garden and I couldn’t stop myself from plucking these fresh beauties today and make some traditional bhajis (fritters). The aroma was so amazing, it lingered in the entire kitchen when I brought them in fresh.


Carom leaves (Ajwain ke patte/ovyachi pane) from 3 big stalks,

Besan (chickpea flour) 3/4th cup,

½ tsp sesame seeds,

A small pinch on turmeric,

Very little red chilly powder (do not add too much, else it masks the delicate spiciness of the ajwain leaves),


Salt to taste,

Oil to fry.

Carom leaves (ajwain ke patte)

Carom leaves (ajwain ke patte)

IMG_2163 IMG_2169

  1. Add the chickpea flour, salt, turmeric, chilly powder and sesame seeds in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add water while whisking constantly to make a thick batter. (It should be of idli like consistency; if it’s too thin, it won’t coat the leaves properly.)
  3. Heat oil in a kadhai and add a drop of batter to it to check if the oil is hot enough.
  4. Put the carom leaves in the besan batter and coat the leaves evenly.
  5. Put the leaves in oil and deep fry till golden brown and drain on tissue paper to remove excess oil.
  6. Serve hot with ketchup, chutney or just like that.

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