Gulkand Shrikhand with Lonawala Chikki: My Cheat’s version for Chef Vikas Khanna’s Gulkand Mousse

I wanted to make something special for a family get-together to celebrate Bhau-beej (Bhai Dooj) and was really inspired by a Gulkand Mousse with almond praline that Chef Khanna made on a recent episode of his television show. However, I wasn’t too sure of my dessert making skills, especially while cooking for about 15 people and also a lot of ingredients used in the original recipe were not easily available locally.

I have adapted the recipe to suit my extended family’s tastes, using what is locally and easily available to me. So while the original recipe makes use of Cream cheese, I substitute with hung yogurt; instead of making the praline from scratch, used chikkis (another form of praline made of jaggery, sugar and nuts or seeds) which are famous from my neighbouring hill-station of Lonawala and skipped the rose syrup.

Gulkand and yogurt, are both known for their cooling properties; in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. So, I think this should make for a good summer dessert. And although its not summer right now, it did give us some relief from the sweltering October heat in Pune.


1kg Full-fat Hung Curd (Malai-chakka);

500g Sugar;

250 Gulkand (a preserve made of edible rose petals and sugar);

1 cup of full-fat milk;

20 pieces (of 1sq. inch) of Peanut Chikki, coarsely ground;

12 pieces (of 1sq. inch) of Coconut Chikki, coarsely ground;

20-25 pieces (of 1sq. inch) of dry fruit/mixed nut Chikki.

Gulkand Shrikhand with Lonawala Chikki

Gulkand Shrikhand with Lonawala Chikki

Gulkand Shrikhand with Lonawala Chikki

Gulkand Shrikhand with Lonawala Chikki

Churning the Shrikhand in the Puran-Maker

Churning the Shrikhand in the Puran-Maker

Hung Yogurt (Malai Chakka)

Hung Yogurt (Malai Chakka)


  1. Mix the sugar and hung yogurt lightly in a bowl, cover and allow it to stand for an hour.
  2. Add 1/3rd of the Gulkand to the mixture and fold in gently.
  3. Pass this mixture through a Puran-maker (picture attached). Many people may not have this equipment and can use a hand blender or whisk too, and blend the mixture till it is creamy; just be careful about not splitting the yogurt. (I am scared of the splitting part and prefer the Puran-maker as it blends everything very gently, yet very uniformly.)
  4. Add 1 cup of milk to the Puran maker and spin it to remove the yogurt sticking to the equipment. Otherwise, add the milk to the mixing bowl to adjust the consistency to that of a Mousse.
  5. Fold in the remaining Gulkand gently.
  6. In a dessert bowl/shot glass, add some crushed Peanut Chikki to make to make the bottom layer. Layer it with the Gulkand Shrikhand.
  7. Then sprinkle some crushed coconut Chikki on the top. Place a 1 sq. inch piece of mixed nuts Chikki as a garnish and serve chilled.


  1. One kg hung curd can be made by tying in approximately 2 ½ kg full fat yogurt in a Muslin Cloth until all the whey is drained off. (I am a lazy Punekar, I just hop to Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale to buy the Chakka.)
  2. Do not throw away the whey, use it to knead Chapati dough or to make a soup with vegetables.
  3. Chikki can be substituted with any other Praline.
  4. I did not use rose syrup as my guests today are not big fans, but it does add more flavor.
  5. My proportions are huge, as this was for enough for 15 people. Adjust Proportions accordingly.
  6. Generally, we use about 800g sugar with 1kg Hung Yogurt to make Shrikhand. But I reduced sugar as both Gulkand and Chikki are incredibly sweet.

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