Curry leaves, Baner: Restaurant Review

My bestie from school lives in the neighborhood around Curry Leaves , and it was a place she had discovered and insisted we have a meal there together. Thus, a plan was very quickly made months ago, but then her employers suddenly sent her on-site and I did not manage to visit Curry Leaves; though it remained at the back of my mind. And I finally made it here last weekend. Afterall, my partly Kannada genes dominate my palate and South Indian remains my favourite cuisine of all times.

So, Curry Leaves is housed in Regent Plaza (the same building as Pagdandi) on the Baner-Pashan Link Road; and is no fancy schmancy place that simply makes wonderful Kerala-style food. I like that the menu is limited and whatever they do, they do well. I guess there are some North Indian dishes on the menu too, but why bother at a Kerala specialty restaurant. Everything we ordered this time was vegetarian (co-diner preference), but I will sure be going back to try their chicken and fish specials.

Vazhakkai Varuval: Must say, it was one of the yummiest Kerala dishes I have ever tried, it was a perfect blend of simplicity in preparation but so much complexity in flavours. They were basically pan-fried raw banana slices; tossed in sliced onions, curry leaves and a very aromatic masala which absolutely whets your apetite. The masala doesn’t seem too spicy at first; you get the woodiness of cinnamon and tanginess of probably tamarind; but then the black pepper hits you!

Veg. Stew: Classic mild coconut milk curry, had all mixed veggies and simple spices.

Veg. Mullagitathu: The flavors are in sharp contrast to the stew; again a mixed veg preparation but very robustly spicy.

Appam: The Appam was quite soft and the coconut milk was shining throughout; but I’ve had better Appams in Pune.

Idiappam: Idiappam was quite nice, with a silky smooth texture and the fresh grated coconut on top added to the taste.

Malabar Parotta: Was soft enough, but again; I’ve had flakier ones.

Tattu Dosa: Standard set dosa; soft, fluffy and delicicious.

Puttu: This was a seriously jumbo sized one..Made of rice flour and coconut, these cylindrical yummies would have gone better with Kadla Curry, I think.

Rasam: I liked their version of Rasam; peppery, tangy and hot; good for the winters!

They take the name quite seriously..Curry leaves by the tables..

They take the name quite seriously..Curry leaves by the tables..

Vazhakkai Varuval

Vazhakkai Varuval

Tattu Dosa

Tattu Dosa

Appam, Idiappam and Malabar Parotta

Appam, Idiappam and Malabar Parotta



Veg. Stew and Veg. Mullagitathu

Veg. Stew and Veg. Mullagitathu

: Traditional Kerala boiled rice, but a bit too polished and not the red Kerala rice I was expecting.

Service is excellent. Although they have only 2-3 people attending the tables, they sure know their food well.

Curry Leaves, is probably one of the most VFM places in the area; all the above food barely cost us Rs.580! They have a full thali for 150 (veg) and 200-250(non-veg). Absolutely worth every penny.

They do not serve regular water at all as there is no purified water supply to the area in general. So do not mind the fact that they only serve bottled water.


2 comments on “Curry leaves, Baner: Restaurant Review

  1. Prachi
    December 17, 2014

    Superb! That looks yummy! 🙂 Miss the Indian food here!


    • nitali04
      December 18, 2014

      Missed you dear..After all, it was your find!


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