Restaurant Review: Frangipani, Ambrosia, Bavdhan.

Ambrosia resorts used to be a favourite family outing place during my childhood. Going towards that end of Chandni Chowk really did qualify as a long-drive back then and the place was really well maintained. Over the years however, the quality dwindled and so did our visits. Recently, I came to know that Ambrosia resorts had been completely renovated and it now houses three new restaurants; Xanadu (the lounge), Amalfi(Mediterranean) and Frangipani (North Indian, Oriental and South Indian). Thus, we decided to try out Frangipani last week.

The ambience of this place is really very nice; the prefect use of dim lights that create an interplay of darkness and light, the vine covered gazebos outside, the oriental inspired statuettes, floral arrangements; everything together make it a perfect place for a date night actually. Quite aptly placed under Zomato’s romatic restaurant collection.

We tried a couple of North and South Indian dishes this time.

Murgh Yakania Shorba: Although the menu described it as a broth, it obviously isn’t a clear broth, but a creamy yogurt based, mildly spiced chicken soup.

Drumstick soup: Absoultely loved the flavours. It had some drumstick pulp, mashed and cooked lentils, pepper and a hint of coconut milk with some intact drumstick pieces. Perfect winter food. I think I will try replicating this at home soon.

Hazzare Kabab: These were yogurt and ginger garlic marinated chicken kababs; and though the flavors were nice and subtle, a couple of kababs were pretty pink on the inside.

Sarson Da Saag: My personal favourite in winters, but their version has too much spinach and you get very little of the Sarson flavor. But a nice and creamy preparation in general.

Bhatti ka Murgh Masala: It was a spicier version of what is served as butter chicken in this side of the country. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the hit from the green chillies took the dish to a different level.

Mix Veg Gassi: The usual spicy coconut based mix veg gravy, but I think 7 seas serves a better version.

Butter Naan: Standard fare, neatly done and not chewy.

Makki di roti: Made perfectly and served with generous amount of ghee and gud, complimented the sarson well.

Khasta Roti: Although the description on the menu read ‘flaky roti with ajwain’, what I got was a not so flaky roti with saunf instead. Could have been better.

Hazzare Kabab

Hazzare Kabab

Sarson Da Saag, Bhatti Da Murgh and Raita

Sarson Da Saag, Bhatti Da Murgh and Raita

Interesting brass fingerbowls..

Interesting brass fingerbowls..


Brought straight to the table from the live counter, these two were just perfect.

Service is very polite and has a good idea about all the dishes on the menu.

Prices are not exactly cheap, but then the entire experience is entirely worth it.

Next visit to Ambrosia, will try out Amalfi perhaps along with the interesting looking desserts counter which I did not try this time.


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