Restaurant Review: Euriska, Koregaon Park.

Euriska had been on my wishlist ever since my friend Neha recommended it, and her recommendations rarely fail for me. My previous experience with Greek food was limited to some desserts made by a fellow Greek grad student during my Graduate School years in the US, and perhaps some Baklava here at some restaurants. But, otherwise I did not know much about the cuisine and definitely wanted to try. So last weekend when Aparajita Mitra and I met for her farewell lunch, we decided to finally try Euriska this time.

Euriska is quite easy to spot; right ahead of the Koregaon Park Plaza on North Main Road. As soon as you enter, you feel like you have been transported to some tavern on a Greek island with all the white and blue décor and posters from the Greek islands as well. It is an open-air resto-bar, with very little covered seating and it also has live-music in the evenings. I think people mostly prefer to go here for drinks and music events in the evenings; because when we went in for lunch, there was no one else there; making us wonder if it is even open for lunch. Turns out, they are; and it was just that we went in on the day of the India-Pakistan World Cup match, so it was pretty much just us in the restaurant for the next three hours.

The menu has a lot of variety in appetizers, grills, pizzas, pastas, grills and desserts and has many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This was our big lunch that day:

Kolokithokeftedes: I can’t even say that in a single breath! They were basically grated zucchini and feta cheese fritters served with a mint and yogurt dip. The fritters were breaded and deep-fried just perfectly to have a lovely crispy gold coating outside and a soft, but well cooked centre. The dip could use more mint and have more flavor perhaps.

Chicken Cafreal: Unlike most places which make chicken cafreal on the bone, Euriska’s version had shredded chicken breast with that lovely herby cafreal paste; and it was really nice and succulent. This one came with a cream-based dip. Since both the cafreal and the dip were very mildly flavored, my friend asked for a spicy dip to go with it and they got us another tomato and chilly dip, which went much better with the chicken.

Grilled Chicken Breast with adobo rub: It had two whole chicken breasts, with a nice and spicy rub and grilled to perfection. It easily suffices as a sharing plate although it is meant to be an individual portion. The green salad accompanying it had veggies which had thankfully retained their crunch and not gone limp, and the dressing was light and flavorful too. The fries were coated with a thin layer of spice-mix and were amazingly crisp too, just that there could have been more of those on the plate.

Chicken Tagine: was a delicious chicken stew with tomatoes and a dominant cinnamon flavor and cous cous cooked with herbs, and the portions was too much for us to finish.

Chocolate troi

Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Cafreal



Grilled chicken breast with House-fries and salad

Grilled chicken breast with House-fries and salad

Chocolate trois

Chocolate trois

s: They say you eat with your eyes first, and this dessert is a classic example; it is indeed plated very well. The chocolate mousse is really light and creamy, has a perfect consistency and comes inside a dark chocolate cup; so the slight bitterness of the chocolate cuts the sweetness of the mousse. There is a generous piece of a blondie (white chocolate version of brownie) which came with ice cream topped with a shard of chocolate and a micro-green emerging from it like a seedling emerging from the earth. The blondie had just the right amount of sweetness and texture. The last component was a white chocolate cone with some sort of nutty cream filling, and this one was a tad too sweet for us. The plate has a few drops of raspberry coulis on it, and I felt like the dish could use some more of that slightly acidic coulis to act like a palette cleanser between all that sweetness.

Service was cheerful and enthusiastic, and we enjoyed watching the cricket match with them. Since we were the only customers, we received very quick service, but I am not sure how it fares on busy days.

For the quality of food, ambience and portions, the price is quite fair.

I would have rated them 5, if only they had a better cooling system during the lunch hour, for it got really quite hot and the one fan at the far end didn’t help. But otherwise, would love to go back here again, but will probably go only in the evening.


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