Restaurant Review: Yana Sizzlers and Wok, Fergusson College Road, Pune.

Yana Sizzlers and Wok has been on FC Road and at Kalyaninagar for a few years now. I had been to this place a couple of times during my college days (which means years ago) but I don’t exactly remember why we stopped going, although the food had always been good. So last week, when we thought of having sizzlers for dinner, I thought of revisiting Yana and check if they were still as good as they used to be.

The restaurant is pretty spacious, spread over two levels with well-spaced tables and comfortable chairs. The place is fully air-conditioned and as soon as you enter, it may take some time to get used to the smoke from the sizzlers that fills up the space, but then you can’t really come to a sizzler place and complain about the smoke. I quite like the fact that they have puzzle sheets as place mats, to entertain the younger clientele while their parents enjoy their meals.

They have a huge variety among non-vegetarian and vegetarian sizzlers and also a fair bit of options among sauces to pair your sizzler with, so there is something for everyone that way. They have also introduces a range of barbeque sizzlers and Jamaican sizzlers which seemed interesting. They also have the concept of wok, where you choose your own ingredients and sauces and get them stir fried to your liking. We specifically went for sizzlers, so this is what we tried:

Chicken Shashlik sizzler: This one had a rice base, veggies, fries, cubed red onions and perfectly juicy chunks of chicken, which we paired with the barbeque sauce and all the flavors worked very well together.

Veg. Schezwan Cutlet sizzler with a hot chili sauce: This one also came with a rice base, but different sauces used with the rice, fries, sliced and sautéed onion, slightly different combination of veggies compared to the Shashlik, and SIX fairly large vegetable cutlets spiced with schezwan sauce. I had asked for it to be paired with a hot chili sauce, as I wanted something spicy, but in retrospect, I should have probably ordered something else to balance the heat of the schezwan cutlets.

Service was excellent right from the time we entered. The person who attended our table knew the menu well and made good suggestions about what combinations would work and which ones would not. I wish I had taken his advice on the hot chili sauce.

This place isn’t exactly cheap, with average cost for two being upwards of a thousand rupees; but the portions are pretty good and quality is upto the mark.

I will probably visit again to try out the Wok option.

Chicken Shashlik Sizzler

Chicken Shashlik Sizzler

Veg. Schezwan Cutlet sizzler

Veg. Schezwan Cutlet sizzler


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