Bharleli Bhendi (Maharashtrian style stuffed Okra)

all the ingredients for the stuffing..

all the ingredients for the stuffing..

The spice mix for the stuffing..

The spice mix for the stuffing..

Stuffed okra being cooked..

Stuffed okra being cooked..

Bharleli Bhendi..

Bharleli Bhendi..

Bhindi or okra is an all-time favorite in my house and it is a weekly must have in some or the other form. But this traditional Maharashtrian version of stuffed okra scores above all the other recipes with the vegetable for me. I really can’t get over the crunch of peanuts, the wholesome flavor of the goda masala and the delicate taste of okra in this dish. I slow cooked this one on a lohe-ka-tawa, a shallow iron pan and that really adds to the taste which comes out quite differently in a regular non-stick pan.


250gm Okra (bhendi/bhindi/ lady fingers);

½ cup crushed peanuts (shengdana koot);

1tbsp crushed sesame seeds (tilache koot);

1/4th cup fresh grated coconut (khavlela naral);

½ tsp turmeric powder;

1 tsp red chilly powder (lal mirchi powder);

½ tsp goda masala or kala masala (Maharashtrian spice blends);

½ tsp kanda lasun masala (another Maharastrian spice blend of red chilies, onions and garlic);

½ tbsp Oil;

¼ tsp mustard seeds;

A pinch of asafetida;

5-6 curry leaves;

1/4tsp sugar (optional);

Salt  to taste.


  1. Wash the okra under running water and drain in a sieve. Using a kitchen towel, dry the okra properly.
  2. With the knife, chop off both the ends of the okra. Then slit the okra lengthwise using a knife, keeping the length of the cut to about 3/4th of the okra.
  3. In a mixing bowl, mix together the crushed peanuts and sesame seeds, turmeric powder, red chilly powder, Goda masala, Kanda Lasun masala, grated coconut, salt and sugar.
  4. Stuff this spice mixture into the slit okra. Reserve any remaining spice mixture.
  5. Heat a pan on high heat and add oil to the pan. (I used an iron griddle for the lovely charred flavor it gives the dish.)
  6. Add the mustard seeds to the oil and allow them to splutter. Immediately, add a pinch of asafetida and curry leaves to the oil and lower the heat.
  7. Add the stuffed okra to the pan and toss gently to coat the okra with oil.
  8. Cook on a low flame, while intermittently turning it over so that the okra doesn’t burn, until it is well-cooked and slightly crispy. You could add the leftover spice mix at this stage and cook for another minute or two.
  9. Serve with rotis or rice, or can be added inside roti or any other flatbread to make a roll with a sauce or chutney of your choice.

4 comments on “Bharleli Bhendi (Maharashtrian style stuffed Okra)

  1. Ema Jones
    May 15, 2015

    Fried Okra serves as an excellent side recipe 🙂


  2. skd
    May 22, 2015

    Looks scrumptious ☺


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